Apple Pencil patent shows a stylus with various touch sensors

Last year Apple unveiled a new product, the Apple stylus. The introduction of a stylus pen was considered shocking by some users. The Apple Pencil is an accessory for Apple’s iPad Pro line, of tablets. The Apple Stylus allows users, whether they are amateurs or professionals to use it as an elaborate drawing and handwriting tool.

Earlier today, the United States Patent and Trademark Office published a new Apple patent. The Apple Pencil patent was submitted by Cupertino in 2014. It details the design of a stylus that is covered in touch sensors along the length of the pen. It may seem a little whimsical to imagine tapping different parts of the stylus but turns out that is not exactly the company’s plan with the stylus.

The patent indicates that the Apple Pencil will use the sensor situated on it to read the way a user is gripping the Pencil. It will also use the sensor to track various gestures, such as rotating the stylus in hand, the iPad’s software will react to the gestures pencil

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The Apple Pencil is a rather interesting accessory, but, since it’s just a patent, for now, there is a possibility it may never see the light of day. However, according to rumors that the next version of the Apple stylus may have interchangeable tips and an eraser.

Additionally, an array of force-sensitive sensors are also listed, which would activate when the user grips the stylus more firmly. This feature could potentially help with enhancing drawing precision by letting the user “lock in” points in the drawn line, or, alternatively, activate various virtual buttons.

Furthermore, there is another patent that details a way that upcoming iPhones may be able to determine which hand the user is holding the smartphone with and adjusting its UI accordingly to a  sort of dynamic one-handed mode. The patent details the need for very quick and accurate reading of the situation and use of touch sensors along the phone’s sides to do so. The iPhone should be able to track the user’s thumb in order to interpret how to best arrange the UI. If this patent feature is ever applied to Apple devices is will be very useful to owners of the rather large iPhone Plus units.

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