Apple retains 5th spot on Fortune’s 2015-Ranking

Apple remains one of best and leading Technology Company worldwide and a fresh ranking shows its consistence performance. Apple has succeeded to retain the 5th position among all technology companies of the US on the Fortune rankings.

The Fortune ranking of companies includes an annual list of all companies in U.S and lists them as per their success in the market. This list is made on the basis of revenue generated by the domestic products of the relevant companies. Apple who was already on the 5th position shows company’s hard worked to provide best services to its
customers. And now it has proved strengthened trust of customers.

Something paid best and in result best is received, this remains as company’s philosophy for its customers. This philosophy has helped building a strong relation between the company and its customers.

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When Apple started its operations in 2014, just after a few months it succeeded to sell 40% of its products. The successful sale by the company has earned a profit of $200 billion. This initial profit gave a new life by improving the not only the financial status of Apple but also a good profile among the customers.

Apple has been working hard since then and in was first time in its history when it was listed among top 10 companies in 2013. This followed makeable performance by the company and with continuous struggle it finally reached the 5th position last year which is yet sustained. But the company has eyed the top position which is also very expected.

Aiming the top post, the company has many amazing and unique products and services in pipeline. Also with the release of its iPhone 6 and 6 plus the company did a record business by selling out 10 million units so far.

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