Apple sells 53M iPhones in 2nd quarter this year

Initial issues in supply aside, Apple has recorded a remarkable sale with its current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that has successfully set an impression in the market. As we have seen even before the launch of the iPhone 6, the demand has been much higher than what was anticipated. And fresh market statistics show that the unusual demands expressed by the customers takes the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to new heights.

We have seen some reports earlier that discussed the outstanding performance by the iPhone and other Apple products. The same was reinforced by a fresh report by Morgan Stanley based on the results of its AlphaWise Trackers. The reports show the high raise in the demands of iPhones and also some other interesting statistics regarding this outstanding sale.

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According to the analysis based on the report the demands for Apple’s iPhones was witnessed soaring high with estimation of 53 million in second quarter of this year. The reports also show the Chinese market remains the key demand source where iPhones remain to be the hottest devices among the high ends. The results explain that the outstanding demand for iPhones is mostly based on the sale in Asian markets including the Chinese market. The estimated demands may even rise up to 54million with support by Asian market.

The data by Morgan Stanley also give us an insight into the famous Apple Watch showing a sustainable growth in its business. Apple Watch which has also reported some supply issues in beginning is witnessed by Morgan Stanley with 20% high demand than the demand recorded by iPhones in the same period.

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The analysis also show expected performance by the expected iPhone 6S in the Asian market. Though Apple is also likely to experience a slow down production cycle but Apple has much time to extend its unit sale capacity until coming year.

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