Apple To Shut Down Beats Music

Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre’s Beats Music is set to count its final days as Apple is planing a shutdown for its early acquired music service.

Apple has started its focus on the other projects by shifting the resources its early acquired music service. Although it has still not confirmed any such move but indication are clear that the fate of Beats music might be around a shutdown.

The Music service itself came from the shutdown of the MOG music streaming service that it acquired. following the simmiler line Apple might integrate the service into iTunes, removing its separate app.

The new iPhones did not come pre-installed with Beats Music, while several other Apple apps came loaded on the 6 and 6 Plus. It was also off the agenda during the Launch of Apple Watch which comes with many other Apps available. Instead of Beats Music, the Apple Watch features a unannounced music app with a blue play button.

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The parallel music service might have confused the customers. Though the reports claim that that its acquisition earlier in may, aimed to get Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre’s talent on board, and picking up the headphone business instead of streaming music.

The move will let Apple focus on its flagship music product with its enormous 800 million user base and treasure trove of over 400 million stored credit cards.

The Music service was started much later with respect to their competitors like Spotify, Rdio, Google Music, and Pandora. This move foiled it to capture the attention of mainstream listeners.

The counting of paid subscribers for the music service limits to 250,000 only while there are 10 million paid subscribers on Spotify, and 76.4 million active listeners on Pandora.

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