Apple sold more than $1 billion worth of apps this chrismas

Apple’s sale has been tremendous with its devices like iPhone and Apple Watch. But with the high sale of devices there is a complementary benefit too. With more device there would be more app purchases and thus more profit. This is what Apple has come up with, over one billion app sale over the holiday.


According to the details on first of January 2016 Apple customers have made purchases of worth $144 million. This is quite remarkable for one-day sale which also breaks the earlier record set on the Christmas 2015. The data of the whole holiday period shows sales of more than $1.1 billion apps and in app purchases.

Though the marks are quite higher than ever before but for Apple it is not the first time to celebrate such a landmark sale. Same as this holiday period, Apple also saw a breakthrough on last holiday season with a follow-up of huge sale on first day of the year 2015.

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According to the past data, over the last holiday period Apple had sold about $500million apps. However, for January 1, 2015 no data was released despite the claims of the day being a big day. As we can see, Apple’s app sale has almost doubled over the year, from $500million to $1.1billion.


With these appreciating figures Apple also shows a huge sale over the year. According to Apple’s senior vice president Philip Schiller apps worth of $20billion have been sold on the Apple Store in 2015. In short, the year 2015 have been great for Apple for at least its App Store. But with an impressive performance of its devices like iPhone 6S such a high app sale is quite obvious. Also Apple is now dealing in TV apps which have also played its role taking up the app sale to the peak.

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