Apple Store starts selling iPhone-compatible View-Master VR headset

Apple was recently reported for its interest in the virtual reality market following the positive comments by CEO Tim Cook.  And now it has placed the first iPhone compatible VR headset on its online store named as View-Master. The VR headset is named Mattel View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack which is actually a beefed up version of Google Cardboard headset.

There have been speculations about Apple’s move regarding the growing technology of Virtual Reality. Soon after Apple CEO confirmed company’s considerations about VR tech a report on its secret VR team went out. According to the report Apple has already established a team of VR experts to develop its version in the VR world.

view master VR Apple

The concept of View-Master Virtual Reality headset is the same as the Google Cardboard project which you can assemble yourself. However, unlike the Google cardboard the View-Master is made up of plastic case instead of cardboard. Also the design is a little modified to hold an iPhone, you can place an iPhone 5 or newer model on the VR headset.

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Like Google Cardboard there are lenses that you can place on the plastic case with your iPhone. Also like the Cardboard app for Android, there is a special iOS app available for the View-Master. Running the app, your iPhone will display two separate video streams that give the perception of a single 3D image.



Upon its purchase the View-Master VR headset comes with a demo versions of VR apps but you can unlock full version by paying a little extra. As the headset works on the Google Cardboard principles you can also run the Google Cardboard app for iOS. The View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack is available on the Apple Store for $29.95. Though Apple is expected to have planned higher regarding VR market but the availability of View-Master headset is being considered as the first and an impressive initiative.

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