Apple Stores get touch-sensitive tables to promote 3D Touch feature on iPhone 6S

With each new iPhone Apple is witnessed giving more attention to the promotion. It is good to make the devices more responsive to users before they actually hay their hands on. But for Apple things are not just limited to promos. What we find are some unique techniques used that really worth having an eye.

This time Apple came up with its newly arrived iPhone 6S with some amazing features on board. And Apple plans are to employee some engaging tools to attract more buyers to its new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus when they are in stores. For an iPhone that features touch-sensitive display, Apple brings a touch-sensitive table yes you read it right, Table and not the tablet!

This was witnessed in New York and San Francisco where the US customers of Apple are offered the chance to watch new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus in a new way. Apple Stores in both cities are provided with touch-sensitive tables. As shopper get to the Apple stores they can find the table with large display over its surface that shows off the iPhone 6S.

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While away from Apple Stores in New York and San Francisco you can take a look in the video. As we can see the
iPhone 6S and the table that are aligned to show the touch effect with the 3D Touch sensor. There is a water animation on the table surface display which responds to iPhone’s 3D Touch.

Thus you can feel the effects of the newly introduced 3D Touch feature on a bigger display in a different way. The video shows the water on the table surface that lies beneath the iPhone rippling as the wallpaper in touch with a little force. Apple has made this arrangement specific to the two stores but it seems successfully engaging shoppers to new iPhone 6S. Thus following the observations Apple is expected to expend the promo and soon we may find similar tables on other Apple Stores.

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