Apple announces, Swift as Open Source now!

swift is a programming language for Apple iOS
Apple has some good news for Developers’ community  as Apple Swift team keeps their promise to make the Swift open source. The promise was made earlier this year and just before the year end, we got the source code published. The package made public by the Swift team comes with source code, objects and library functions.

We are excited by this new chapter in the story of Swift. After Apple unveiled the Swift programming language, it quickly became one of the fastest growing languages in history.

The development is remarkable for the developer community as it brings many new uses for the Swift. An Open source Swift can be set up on a server that will help extending Apple programming scope from iOS and Macs. What else to expect after Swift goes open source, let’s have a brief view into it.

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After getting the Swift among open-source projects the developers’ community will have the language for further developments. Apple is unlikely to turn down the Swift but any such case happens at any way the language remains in the hands of developers for further projects. Thus it would work to establish developers’ confidence into the language.

And, the key advantage got by open source projects, there is no end to improvements. With Swift getting open sourced Apple is going to involve the large, active and creative community to suggest improvements in the Swift. The developers can make their efforts to contribute to the Swift language. However it is yet to be defined that how much community request is going to gain Apple’s acceptance.

Apple has made Swift Open Source

Apple seems to have addressed different clients as it has published codes for raw compiler as well as Standard library functions.  The core libraries that got published alongside include components for UIKit and AppKit. You can find the components like networking stack, common data types and threading as well. Apple has also planned for future developments as many of components included in current release may not work with current resources.

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