Apple to tighten iCloud security

Apple is to boost its iCloud security after questions over the security breach which led the nude pictures of celebrities posted on the Internet. The rapid steps are underway by Apple to improve its security in the wake of the controversy over the successful acts of hackers.

Despite the discussion over the inefficiency of apple security system the company put responsibility over the users end. It dennies its security breached and leak of Apple IDs and passwords from the company’s servers claiming that the iCloud accounts might be broken into when hackers correctly guessed passwords. when new device tries to gain access to data or someone tries to change a password the users is alerted by email. The accounts were said to be compromised only when hackers correctly answered security questions to obtain their passwords, the user IDs and passwords are stolen.

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Apple also alarts its users via email and push notifications before restoring iCloud data to a new device or when someone tries to change an account password. Although Apple is going extend its use of two-factor authentication (2FA) to cover access to iCloud accounts from a mobile device which also is included in iOS 8.

However the two-factor authentication can reduce the chancess of being hacked by Sending a text code to the client’s iPhone. The reliance on texting to the user’s phone is the 2FA approach’s weak point as the the phone can’t receive the 2FA code if it’s being reset and restored.

Intimate pictures Actress Jennifer Lqwrence along with a number of personalities were published online this week.

Apple however needed more to alert customers to the dangers of hackers targeting their accounts, and to imppve passwords strength but it can do less as finaly the users depends on the company to stope the user being hacked.

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