Apple to bring Siri to Apple Music and improve it in Apple TV

Fresh developments from Apple show that it has not finished yet with its new Apple TV. As the new generation Apple TV landed the market recently it came out to be an impressive box. New details are suggesting more voice assistance operations made possible with the Apple TV that is improved Siri performance is expected on Apple TV.

According to reports confirmed as they are reported to be by the Buzzfeed, the new Apple TV Siri will have support for Apple Music. This development is said to unveil early next year that will reinforces the Siri functions that are already associated with the Apple TV.

As it works on the Apple iPhone 6S/6S Plus and other devices the voice assistance features is quite effective and helping with Music app. After getting the Siri support for Apple Music on the TV users will be enabled to get a number of commands via Siri supported remote control.

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Just think of it, you can pick up the remote and command the Siri to play a top chart or a new album and it will take you to there. This is quite appreciating following the praises the universal search feature on the Siri got. The universal search effectively gets with the system-wide search for content. This was formerly done for video content but now after this development music content will be added in the line too.

This seems earning for Apple in a number of ways. The Siri search extended to the Apple Music on the TV will bring more subscriptions for the Music service. Thus joining its various services Apple gets closer to its more integrated services. According to recently revealed data by Apple the service has about 6.5million users paying soon as the trial period ends. Alongside the new feature on Apple TV and Apple Music the integration of more Siri functions is really encouraging.

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