Apple to replace 3.5mm port with lightning port on iPhone 7 to make it super slim

The track followed by Apple seems brining the slimmest iPhone ever, a device that may arrive thinner than the ruling iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. The upcoming Apple\ flagship which is supposed to be the iPhone 7 is reported to carry certain features which hint at a super slim device. Let’s have a brief view into the reports about what to expect next from Cupertino.

A fresh report emerged in Japanese blog citing a source with a degree of reliability regarding Apple updates. It shows the plans of Apple for its upcoming iPhone which is reported to be the iPhone 7. According to the details Apple is working to replace the current headphone port with a lightning port. This will help reducing device size to a large extent as new port brings more than 1mm reduction in size against 3.5mm of current port.

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The reports further show a concept of display and radius on the upcoming iPhone 7 similar to the iPhone 6S. But the device will come to be the thinnest among all the Apple iPhone models. After the reduction in size you may connect your headphone viva lightning port or Bluetooth. Apple has already introduced lightning headphones last year but in a limited number.

As the report discuss, the 3.5mm port is the standard in size which seems quite hard to reduce in size. However Apple has already reduced the thickness of its iPad touch by 1mm despite the 3.5mm port. The company has already tested other options including introducing the failed 2.5mm port years back.

Following the failure of the 2.5mm port Apple seems waiting for any change to get acceptance in this regard. However this time Apple looks convinced enough to introduce it into its upcoming iPhone 7. To help third party manufacturers we also expect a connecter to make the headphones working for both 3.5mm and the lightning port.

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