Apple updates its policy for quick iPhone battery replacement

Apple claims to update its AppleCare+ policy for the quick iPhone battery replacement. Same battery replacement policy will apply on all devices running via iOS and OS X like Apple iPads, Apple iPods and Apple Watch. According to the updated instruction of the AppleCare+ policy those batteries whose power storage potential becomes less than 50%, becomes the subject of replacement.

The battery health problem was a one of the greatest concern of Apple since beginning and the company was examining this unhealthy issue of the battery so seriously, on the basis of this concern the company has decided to provide the customers an opportunity of replacing the unhealthy batteries of all devices.

Entire users welcome this action of the company, because the users were suffering badly from this issue, beyond this issue the Apple devices are the most demanded product of the world which pay back honestly after investing of the company’s devices, states Apple device users collectively in a report.

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Whether the Apple iPhones are there or Apple iPads including other devices, in them except few minor soon online repairable issue, all the devices have been reported due to such a minor issue which had been a reason of disappointing the customers of the company, nor the company play with the trust of the users, because this is the only thing which the company posses since the beginning and we are always there with our customers to response them serious and honestly, for the same purpose the company has established the AppleCare+ policy which make users to have the solution of any type by the company which never disappoint them in any circumstance, says a representative if the Apple company.

But one more point is noticeable that currently the update of the AppleCare+ policy is applicable on those Apple devices which are after April 10, 2015. There are expectations that this exception will be made easier for those Apple devices which were purchase before/after this deadline.

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