Apple Watch 2 release date is September not March

Usually the activities on production line and supply chain are considered as good indications for the arrival of the Apple devices before an official announcement. Following regular updates about the second generation apple watch, many eyes are already set on the hints coming out about its arrival. But looking at the activities with Appleā€™s supply chine, there is a little disappointment regarding the Apple Watch 2 release date.

Prior reports have suggested the possible arrival of the Apple Watch 2 by March this year. But a recent report citing analysts concluded that the lack of unusual activity by supply chain shows no early arrival for the timepiece. According to analysts if the Apple Watch 2 was set to arrive by March this year, the suppliers would have probably been busy receiving orders by the end of last year.

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Apple Watch 2 release date

There are also some other recently surfaced hints that suggest the second generation Apple Watch is right on the track. For instance, one of such reports showed the Apple Watch 2 is ready for production trial by the contract manufacturer Quanta. But this report followed the comments by Quanta officials suggesting the arrival of the Watch was not earlier than second quarter of this year.

There are many things that would probably be considered by Apple before launching the next generation of Apple Watch. However, there are speculations that instead of representing the next generation of Apple Watch the upcoming timepiece will be a revised version of current model.

And for its key areas the Apple Watch 2 is going to carry a face time camera. Currently Apple is dominating the smartwatch market with its Watch making the half of the whole smartwatch shipments. This was reported recently with Apple accounting for 51.5% of smartwatches shipments in 2015. Therefore, the scope is quite large for Apple to continue its success story by bring something big next in the market.

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Despite Apple watch 2 release date is yet not final, it will be worth to wait for the next generation Apple Watch as it is supposed to overcome the lacking in the original Apple Watch. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.