Apple Watch 2 in development phase?

LG has clinched the position of top display suppliers for the smartwatches since the emergence of the smartwear market itself. However this dominating position is not acquired through the sale of G Round and other smartwears of the company. But this was made possible through another dominating company of its own field, the Apple who arranges the key portion of LG’s profit in display business.

As the market statistics suggest for LG, it registered record revenue of $186 million during just four months of this year. The remarkable sale by LG is evident to its dominating position as the total sale of the smartwatch displays is estimated around $204. And here it is worth mentioning that the most of the revenue generated is through LG’s displays used for the Apple Watch.

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Why Apple Watch is the only smartwatch that matters!

However, as we can see the effect of Apple Watch’s high sale generating sale for LG the same also seems true is taken vice versa. As we know among the key factors behind the exemplary success of Apple also counts the display of watch. The P-OLED penal being used in the Apple Watch gives the Wearable the display which attracts its users the most. And it’s only LG to produces this secrete of success for the Apple Watch.

This coordination between the Cupertino giant and the Korean giant has produced the best the wearable users but for how long the collaboration will go? This might be interesting for many to know. Some of us may want any new display but things seem to go as they are right now.

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There are reports which suggest that both Apple and LG are in contract to go with each other as far as the second generation Apple Watch itself goes. Therefore we may not see any new type of watch display or any new name attached to Apple replacing LG. And for the upcoming year when we will be wearing the Apple Watch 2 the same P-OLED display will be there with its all amazing results.

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