Apple Watch 2 is switching to Micro-LED screen

According to DigiTimes, Apple is reportedly dropping the OLED screen technology for Apple Watch. However, there are rumors that the Apple iPhone 8 will be adopting the OLED technology. Sources say that the second generation Apple Watch 2 will be featuring Micro-LED panels instead. The upcoming Watch 2 is expected to debut in  2017.Micro-LED

It is unknown why the company would move away from OLED on its wearable device whilst simultaneously ramping production of the same screen for its flagship devices. For now, the report should be taken with a grain of salt until proven true, considering that DigiTimes’ track record of accuracy is mixed. The Micro-LED technology is a low power display tech which offers better color gamuts and brightness levels than a standard LCD. Micro-LED screens are also more battery efficient than LCD screens because they do not require a backlight. The absence of backlight also makes the screens thinner that LED.

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However, the Micro-LED panels are currently more expensive to manufacture than OLED. Apple had quietly acquired LuxVue Technology in 2014 which specializes in Micro LED development. Now it appears that Apple is serious about using the screen in its upcoming products.

In other news, the WatchOS 3 was recently introduced at the WWDC 2016. The new operating system includes several improvements and a few new notable features for the Apple Watch such as faster app load, new watch faces, and more.

The watchOS 3 is still in beta, but the performance enhancements are quite noticeable, especially when it comes to loading apps speed. Apple has made a lot of improvements to the way apps take advantage of the available memory and because of that the apps load at an amazing speed.

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The new OS also brings some familiar iOS features over to watchOS such as the new Dock and Control Center. Glances feature is no longer present as it is replaced by faster apps and the Dock feature. The Friends section has been removed as well, though the Digital Touch features from Friends section are still present and are now located in Messages app as an option.

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