Apple Watch 2 or 2nd Gen to hit markets by mid of Next Year

Considering the emerging market Apple brought the amazing Apple Watch to cash the market. And after making its name in the market the Apple Watch is now set to get a successor. It emerged as Apple hinted out considering the next generation release of the Apple Watch, this time with more features to extend the possibilities in the wearable market.

The second-generations Apple Watch is reported by the Quanta chief. Being the long time contractor of Apple and manufacturer of first-gen Apple Watch, the reports from Quanta sources seem solid. The details show the second-gen Apple Watch, the Apple Watch 2 is in pipeline. We have previously got similar reports hinting at the arrival of next Apple Watch. However, this time the possible release date of the Watch was revealed.

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The certain reports show the upcoming Apple Watch 2 is getting final by the mid of next year. Thus users would be able to have the Apple Watch 2 on their wrist by second quarter of 2016. The timing is quite expected as Apple selected the same period last year for its gadgets. Thus again this year we may get something out of Cupertino on an early Spring event.

It further reveals that the upcoming Apple Watch may arrive in a small number. This is probably for the first batch as it suggests that Apple is going to meet the demand by third quarter of 2016. This would after first review of the new Apple Watch 2.

The source is reputable thus the expectations remain high for the next Apple Watch. Following former hints and newly emerging reports we can expect Apple to bring something about its new project by beginning of next year. However Apple is not showing any hint in this regard but there are several occasions ahead to expect many new announcements. Among these also expect the second generations Apple Watch.

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