Leaked Apple Watch 2 Patent shows a built-In Camera?

Apple Watch 2 rumors have been circulating the internet for months now, and there is still no sign of a release date. Recent announcements by the tech giant haven’t brought anything new other than a possible new Apple Watch 2 band design and pricing adjustment. Many people are hoping that Apple will launch its second-generation wearable before the end of the year.Apple Watch 2 patent

According to several rumors and alleged leaks, there are quite a bunch of new features on the way. A recently published patent for the Apple Watch 2 offers some potential insight into the watch’s features. The two published patents address a possible new hardware feature for the second generation Apple Watch 2.

Among the many rumors floating around about the Apple Watch 2, one of the most prevalent ones is that the next-generation wearable will include a camera. Over the years, cameras in smartwatches haven’t really been successful. They have proved to be more of a miss than a hit in most wearables. But, maybe Apple will finally get it right.

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The tech giant has rarely let down its users and we are hoping that if the company decides to include a camera in the Apple Watch 2 then it will be a hit. Potential uses of a camera in an Apple Watch include Face-Time video chat capability  to scanning barcodes in stores to get price and information.

Although, the evidence supporting the Apple Watch camera is still pretty light. The little slip of evidence that we have is a block diagram describing the Apple Watch 2 design and user interface. This establishes the fact that Apple is at least thinking of including a camera in the smartwatch. It is also possible that the patent image could just be a reference to the remote shutter control for the  Apple iPhone’s camera similar to what we have in the first generation Apple Watch. But, we are hoping that it is a bit more substantial than that.

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The other patent that was leaked concerns the crown input on the Apple Watch 2 similar to what is present in the current first generation Apple Watch. But, what is interesting isn’t the crown itself but the additional button displayed on this patent.

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