Apple Watch 2 to include FaceTime camera, native Wi-Fi and more

Apple Watch may have convinced a wide range of customers but still there are many who will probably wait for something better improved and refined i.e. the Apple Watch 2. As the Apple Watch users have reported many weakness and areas to be improved in while having the first touch on their Apple Watches. The eyes are set on a second generation Apple Watch to bring new possibilities in using the wearable as it has already done in its first gen.

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The reports emerging show Apple’s various moves to get what the users are looking for and also to bring something beyond the exceptions of the customers. Among many other exceptional additions which you might experience in the Apple Watch 2 there are some reported features which may entertain you. For instance the second gen Apple Watch 2 will include the demanded features of Facetime Camera along with native wifi.

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The Apple Watch has been portrayed as among the success of the company as the company reported an outstripped demand by its users. But various independent sources hold quite different views regarding Apple Watch as the company fails to convey its products to the users efficiently. Therefore Apple is left with the task to prove it’s not among inner circles but also the execrators in the market with additions in its Apple Watch.

The FaceTime camera as we mentioned has been among the most demanding features. Many have questioned the lack of shooter while it offers many other key features on our wrist. Either it was left unattended intentionally or was just a loophole in the Apple Watch features but we are now set to have the feature in the next gen of Apple’s wearable.

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Along with the key addition of Facetime camera, the connectivity options are also improving as Apple Watch 2 gets native connectivity support through its native Wi-Fi with arrival of next gen watches. These are just two of many features expected. Therefore just keep with us and get all about the next gen Apple Watch.

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