Apple Watch bands start arriving in Apple Stores

Apple Watch users will be able to change their watch bands according to their choice as the company announces to begin stocking the Apple Watch bands this week at its stores. Apple has sent a message to its retailers confirming the supply of watch bands in a week. Initially planned for a limited stock, we may see some nice sport bands for Apple Watches.

According to the details the Apple Watch bands will be initially available for replacement. Therefore, first of all the most of inventory will be available only for those Apple Watch users who want to swap their pre-bundled Watch bands with a new one. You have to bring the watch band of your purchased Apple Watch and take one as replacement after payment.

The shipment also goes for those Apple Watch users who have a used-up band. Apple is going to set a share of inventory for those users who want to have a fresh Apple Watch band against their used band. Therefore, you can have a fresh Apple Watch band if you have worn-out your pre-bundled Apple Watch band as well.

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Apple Watch Sport bands are available in stores

And lastly a share of inventory will be made available for sale to customers. The current stock is reportedly limited therefore it will be a good time to have an extra band for your Apple Watch. The advertisement of availability of Apple Watch bands will begin in coming days. You may find an Apple Watch band of your choice as Apple has planed for some nice and stylish sport bands.

As Apple officials have revealed a considerable supply to store in June, more bands are also expected. Recently there are very less options for the Apple watch users. However, there are some third party accessories to support the Apple Watches but not much made available by the company itself. While Apple Watch user have a nice experience with their watches, the additional accessories will probably increase their passion towered their branded samrt watch. You can read more about the Spigen Apple Watch stand as well.

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