Have a test drive of Apple Watch on Emulator

UPDATE: Soon after the Apple Watch Event, Another Emulator for Apple Watch has been surfaced. Watchware is mainly focusing on Apple Watch Apps.

Apple Watch, which is going to release in March 2015, has become the most awaited gadget of the year and yet it has not been launched. You say it either Apple Charisma or the frustration to get something really deal changer in the wearable gadgets but Apple Watch is in the tech news since Apple announced to release it back in September 2014. According to the estimates, Apple Watch was searched by four million people around the globe in September 2014 and since then it is being searched by around one million people every month on Google.

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And now its time to have a test drive of the Apple Watch. Go to the Demo Site for Apple Watch and enjoy this cool demo on Emulator of Apple Watch. You only need a browser to take a demo and nothing else.

Either Apple Watch will be a big success for Apple and the wearable gadgets or it will be failed, it will be cleared soon after its release in the markets, but we are getting updates from different sources about it on almost daily basis. When Apple announced the WatchKit to develop Apps for its upcoming smartwatch, developer community welcomed it and a lot of new apps and development courses were introduced.


Then we saw the Apple Watch Preview video on iPhone by the smartwatch lover and recently we listened how a Chinese company started selling fake Apple Watch at CES 2015 for just $35.

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This time it is news app making company Pipes which has introduced an emulator of Apple Watch to give demo of its Pipes news app on Apple Watch. Pipes app for Apple Watch will pick the top stories from your iPhone or iPad and will display them for you, keeping you update on ‘What is Hot’.

Most Apple Watch faces are extremely customizable.

The demo or emulator is although not a 100% accurate but it does give the first looks of the Apple’s upcoming Watch. Being a developer, you can upload your app logo on the emulator as well to see how it looks on Apple smartwatch.

Apple Watch will be released for consumers in March with the starting price tag of $349 which makes GBP 230 or AU$ 430.

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