Apple Watch drop test: Will it survive?

Apple Watch drop test suggest it is not as durable as it was claimed and if you drop your watch from certain height it can seriously damage your precious watch!

The latest videos of the Apple Watch water resistance tests suggested that the Apple Watch is water resistant more than it was publicized and despite Apple told us that the Apple Watch is only IPX 8 level resistant, we saw it was more water resistant and water proofed. So what will be the next test? Definitely the Apple watch drop test and the durability tests.

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TechRax, which is more famous for torturing the Apple products and then bringing those brutality tests in front of the world, conducted the Apple Watch drop test to see if the Apple Watch durable enough to survive couple of accidental drops or not. They used the 42 mm Apple Watch Sport with blue band and in order to determine that there was this whole experiment done on the Apple Watch first the watch was shown in order to confirm that it was the real Apple Watch then the person decided to drop the watch from approximately six feet but he decided to drop in a manner irrespective of the watch to be fall on the floor with it display on front or band. So he dropped the watch which landed on the floor and it appeared that nothing happened to the watch because the band was protective enough to make sure that nothing happened to the watch neither on it display. The band is actually made up of rubbery fluoroelastomer which protected the watch from being damaged.

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But is this the end of the Apple Watch drop test and tells us that it is durable enough and is protected from drop tests? When he tried to drop it again he made sure to drop it with it screen or display to touch the ground first. The height was just 3 feet then he dropped it the watch landed on the ground with its display or screen to touch the ground first, the impact was not that much strong but the screen of the watch was broken. There were all cracks and scratches on the screen and the glass was broken that was seen and the watch stopped to function.

Apple Watch drop test fails

Apple says that the display is made of sapphire, so it was hard to accept that the watch display was made from sapphire because if it would have been then it would not have been broken that easily. Because sapphire is the hardest unbreakable material after diamond that is transparent also. Sapphire do degrades the image quality but it provides with hardness but in the case of the Apple Watch screen it did not prove to be so hard.

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This raises a serious question mark on the Apple Watch manufacturers and the company because they say that Apple Watches are durable but in this whole experiment it did not prove. So don’t try to smash the apple watch because it is breakable and before going out to buy an expensive Apple Watch, keep it in your mind that the Apple Watches are not durable.

TECHRAX has a history to torture Apple devices but this time it did not torture to that extent but this Apple Watch drop test was not ‘brutal’, so in order to check the durability of the Apple Watches it did this whole experiment and thanks to TECHRAX that they opened our eyes that Apple Watches are not durable and it seriously disappointed me. What do you say? Do share your thoughts in the comments section. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.