Will Apple Watch fail, there are reasons to think so

Apple Watch was the star at September event when it was unveiled by Apple along with Apple Pay, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It was showcased on the event with a pretty impression and slim design featuring nice colors. Scheduled for the New Year, this would mark the entry of Apple in the challenging smartwatch market where there are already many competing brands holding their positions.
Apple has made its legacy among smart devices and its strong cult the base for its success in this market. This provides Apple with a comparative advantage over many other leading makers. And there are Apple’s loyal customers, who would probably have their names in preorder listings. Although, this legacy will pay for Apple as it has paid in the record sale of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus but the case with the Apple Watch seems a bit different.

Apple Watch for instance, has to create a considerable impact on Apple’s huge business that might bring some value in Apple’s channel of high earning products. But considering many aspects of this upcoming Apple smart gadget in the smartwatch market many things might not go in its favor. Here we briefly present some of these aspects where the highly anticipated success of Apple Watch can go lurking.

It has nothing special to offer

First if all, being an entry level device by Apple, many expectations comes with the launch of Apple Watch in smartphone market. As we observed with the Apple expending to other electronic markets it’s every new entry offered something new that motivated the remarkable demand for it.
fail-cost-580-90 (1)
As we have seen, iPhone offered meaningful computing powers and a nice design to the usual smartphones. This changed the user experience with smartphones and created a strong demand base for iPhone which continues till today. Such trends are seen in Apple’s other entries in various markets. Almost each of these devices offered something meaningful that also caters a consumer issue and consequently creating more facilities for them.

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Considering its usefulness, we come to face many questions, first it needs to be mentioned that an iPhone is complementary with Apple Watch. Therefore among many features it offers only a few remain worth considering. Still it has not offered anything new and appealing which might create an outstanding demand for at as other Apple devices did with their entrance in the tech march.

It may not be a hero in Smartwatch market

Apple with its great devices has always played a market shaping role. Its Mac brought new trend in Personal Computing, iPod changed the music concept of portable device, iPad brings most of the functions of PC in to user’s hands. And the iPhone brought the smartphone world out from the legacy of blackberry offering them new limits.
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Each of these Apple devices proved to be transformative in their respective fields. This is however, not yet seen in the concept of Apple watch, even the Apple pay announced on the day seems to bring a new concept that can change the mobile payment system. Although it will be a good competitor in the market with Apple branding on it but the Apple Watch has not offered anything such concept that might pay as such a role in the smartwatch market.

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It is bound to latest iPhone

As mentioned earlier, to use an Apple Watch you must have a newish iPhone, probably an iPhone 5 or newer. Although, iPhone has gained a good share with millions of people using iPhone but as this don’t make up such a huge market as Apple would be expected to have with its smartwatch. Considering the fact that majority of smartphone and smart device market are holed by non-Apple devices in such case the scope of possible success of Apple watch simply reduces.
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Also the devices from other manufacturer have the comparative advantage of their support for Apple devices. For instance, a PC user can have an iPad and a Samsung tablet user can have a MacBook as their devices don’t limit them. But in case of Apple Watch none of the huge market of Androids would be able to go for it.

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Without paying it will cost higher

As Apple’s show revealed it dent seem just a smart wearable. Instead it is made considering both the essentials of a smart wearable and also a fissionable device. Therefore it is probably going to address the luxury buyers where it may gain much market.
apple watch
Apple has also revealed its plain in this regard. It has announced to capitalize on the market with its luxury version. These versions of Apple Watch come with 18-karat gold and also with steel and aluminum. These additions of Apple Watch will cost more than $349 on their entrance in the market. However, this price is too high at entry level as compared with the $150 of entry-level of iPhone 6 with two years contract.

These prices directly affect its all other aspects which we have briefly discuses here. Therefore, if we are going to have an Apple Watch that has nothing extra to offer and still cost too much than it is obvious that it will lose in the market.

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