Videos: Apple Watch guided tour, Pre-Orders to commence April 10 at 12:01 AM

If you are not convince yet to go to Apple Store and see the demo of the Apple Watch before deciding to buy it or not due to the rush or crowd, Apple has introduced Apple Watch guided tour on its website with detailed videos focusing one the different features of the Apple Watch. Apple has released four new videos for now explaining in details about the features of the Apple Watch. If you are interested to buy an Apple Watch, these videos will help you understand in details the functionality of the Apple Watch as well and you can now decide to buy the Apple Watch or not without getting a reservation for the demo of it in the Apple Stores starting April 10 2015.

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Apple always focuses on the details from every aspect to make it products successful and these videos are following the same trend. While earlier, Apple more focused on the design, customization options and other features of the Apple Watch. But these videos are more than it and explain all the tiny details of the Apple Watch. This is because Apple Watch is something unique of its kind or at least Apple thinks like this and that is why Apple need to put extra efforts in the area of marketing for the Apple Watch.

The first video which is more sort of the introductory video explains how to use the Apple Watch along with some unique features like digital crown, glances, faces, force touch and other details. While the first one is the general overview of the Apple Watch, other three videos cover the more details about the different features of the Apple Watch like Messages, faces and digital touch. If you go to the website, you will find that Apple has plans to add more videos like ‘Phone calls’, ‘Siri’ and ‘Map’ features of the Apple Watch. Other videos which will be available soon are of Workouts, music, Activity and the Apple Pay.

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Apple’s main focus with these videos is to convince the buyers how productive and unique the Apple Watch will be. As stated earlier these are more of the demo videos of the Apple Watch to help you decide to buy it and on the other hand you not thinking to buy the watch, these videos can let you start thinking in positive direction.
You can read an in depth overview of the Apple Watch and the reasons to think if Apple Watch will fail as well. The pre-orders will commence from the 10th April 2015 i.e. the next week on Friday at 12:01 AM PDT. So you can set the reminders for the pre-orders as well as Apple has updated the same information its website as well.

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