Apple Watch market share is 75% globally in Q2 2015

Many analysts have set their eyes on the performance of the Apple Watch, the biggest players in the smart watch market so far. The remarkable demand followed by inconsistent market performance created a mix response in the market. This Mix performance in the market has created an interesting scenario with mix predictions. Here we have a similar report showing that Apple Watch market share has reached 75 percent of Smart Watch business.

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New analysis shows the status and performance of Apple Watch in the market. According to the review made by analysts the arrival of the Watch has brought a shift in the market. The shift pushed forward by Apple Watch was witnessed in the overall volume of the smart wear market and also the top listings.

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According to report after the launch of its Watch, Apple has scored up to 75 percent of the market share in the second quarter of this year. The Watch was introduced last year and was received by its users in April. This huge profit attained by Apple has coast many other key players as all are pushed on back foot. Among the key competitors of Apple Watch Samsung remains on the top which has lost a considerable portion of market to Apple.


As per the details Samsung has been the key player in the smartwatch market before the arrival of Apple Watch. It had claimed almost a 73.6 percent market share last year. The figure is now reduced to single digit at just 7.5 percent which is 66 percent down.

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The arrival of Apple Watch has also increased the overall growth of the smartwatch market. The analysis show that the yearly growth rate shoot up to 457.3 percent from the second quarter last year to the same period of current year. The ratio become so high just after the Apple Watch started its sale in the second quarter.

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