Apple Watch OS 2.0 brings native apps and less dependency on iPhone

Apple Watch may not be ready for many smartwatch markets and key stores but the update to the Apple Watch OS are now unveiled for its users. The arrival of the Apple Watch OS 2.0 was already announced by the company which echoed at the WWDC 2015.

On the WWDC of this year, the most interesting for the Apple Watch was the opening speech which circled the Watch OS updates. The Apple enthusiasts came to know the updates in just beginning. Apple announced features which will show off in the Apple Watches after updated to the Watch OS 2.0. Now you will use the Apple watch with more powers and also with more colorful impression. Here are some of the many features which Apple has developed for you.

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The top most addition in the new version of the Watch OS is the ability to run native apps on the Apple Watch. As we have experienced with most of the Apple devices including the Apple Watch, the device are made to perform the most only along with its other Apple devices. This internal dependency of Apple devices including the Apple watch is now removed as it is equipped with native apps which don’t require your iPhone to be connected for using the ultimate features of the watch.

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This truly expends the experience on the Apple Watch not only for its users but also for the developers. Apple is now providing the developers chance to get more access to the amazing hardware and make apps according to their own unique ideas.

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As we know Apple has incorporated much hardware which are quite new in the smartwatch world. Its sensors provide services which can be used for actualizing the creative ideas of the developers. You may see more interesting apps regarding health and fitness with more options and extended possibilities.

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Apart from the native apps, the interface on the Watch OS got some nice changes. Now you can use your smartwatch with more themes and more watch faces. This will give bind you more to your watch with attractive looks not just externally but also internally.

The changes in the Watch OS shows Apple’s adherence to the critics and suggestions it got from the market through the year. AS current updates are a little beyond the expectations from Apple they also open ways for more changes in near future with more updates and more possibilities on the Apple Watch.

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