Apple Watch Patent Explains How It Will Call 911 On Heart Attack

A new Apple Watch patent has yet again surfaced describing something related to Apple Watch. This time, however, the patent application has demonstrated the relation of the Apple Watch and iPhone. This patent describes how the Watch and the iPhone can collaborate to alert emergencies like the heart attack. The combination will detect the medical situations immediately and will automatically call 911.

This is important to mention that the patent described above didn’t practically reveal that the two partners in detecting the medical emergencies would be “iPhone” and “Apple Watch”. However, the signal that one electronic device would be cooperating with another electronic device nearly shouts the reality.

Apple Watch heart attack call to 911 patent

The patent application describes the idea behind the collaboration as;

An occurrence of one or more “care events” is detected by an electronic device monitoring environmental data and/or user data from one or more sensors. The electronic device transmits one or more alerts regarding the detected occurrence to at least one other electronic device. In some cases, the electronic device may cooperate with at least one other electronic device in monitoring, detecting, and/or transmitting.

Apple has revealed that all sort of emergency situations would be detected by the devices. Moreover, suitable action depending upon the extent of emergency will also be taken. From emailing family members to calling 911, the smashing partners would be able to lead you to any emergencies. Such events which will need assistance and no proper alert includes a car crash, a bike accident, etc. Medical emergencies will consists of “a heart attack or an aneurysm, separation of a child from the child’s caregiver, a dementia patient becoming lost, an avalanche, a fall, a mugging, a fire, and/or any other event for which a user may require medical, police, family, fire rescue, and/or other kind of assistance.”

What’s more is that an accelerometer would always be detecting sudden movements like loss of heartbeat reading etc. The system will combine many factors together to determine if you are under heart attack or not. The significant point is that there are several risks and conditions of false alarms. The patent has even defined various ways through which they can be avoided. “These range from asking the user to respond first (“ such as by voice, motion or gesture such as a headshake captured by camera”) to using geographic information.”

Similarly, with the help of GPS the device would find out if you are at an unsafe location. The electronic device may determine that a care event has not occurred unless the acceleration data indicates that a bungee accident has occurred.

Apple has to take care of all the aspects related to the coordination of two devices in emergency and other conditions. The FDA has declared that it is taking “an almost hands-off approach” to fitness-oriented wearables like the Apple Watch. This is why the company will have to steer clear of such issues. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.

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