Apple Watch will release in March 2015

Apple is planning to bring its Apple Watch soon in the market. Sources says that the company has allegedly tested the final stages of Apple watch’s software and we are going to see it in the United States in March 2015.

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According to rumors, Apple Watch will come in three different versions. First version will be a metal and glass sports model starting with cost $350, Second version is stainless steel and rumored to price about $500, and third will be a solid gold timepiece which will be price several thousand dollars.


The leaked information about a program to train Apple Store employees about the new timepiece suggested us that we would see Apple Watch in March 2015. We have leaked information about the training session which would likely be held on 9th and 16th February. That leaked information gives us an idea of unveiling of Apple Watch in March.

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All the leading technology companies like,Samsung, LG, Motorola and Microsoft have already launched their own smartwatches, but Apple is expected to face extraordinary demand for its watch.


At the moment we cannot confirm that all markets will receive the Apple Watch at the same. We just cannot say about whether the company will launch all models simultaneously. We would have a better idea when we will be able to buy an Apple Watch, but we still have plenty of questions to ask.

Unveiling of Apple Watch in March is just a rumor at the moment as the company did not announce it officially yet. So just keep in mind that March is allegedly the current plan and it can be changed as the time go on.

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