Apple Watch sale thru carriers to start on Sept 25

Unlike Google, Apple was mostly seen with cautious policies. This is seen especially with the availability of its devices in the respective markets. As we have seen Apple Watch faced a slow movement in the market. It was mentioned several times but until now Apple kept the slow face in supply. But the reports we got, show that Apple may be considering changes in its policy.

Apple Watch: All You want to know

The main issue about the Watch was widely sought to be its unavailability in stores. While Android wearable are available everywhere, the Apple Watch is restricted to an official stores. The availability at Apple store and Best Buy keeps limiting the overall exposure of the Apple Watch sale in the wider market.

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Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

Getting the loophole, now Apple looks considering other key carriers in US cellular arena. According to reports two major carriers in the US are right now bringing the Apple Watch to their circle by Sept 25. This would be a good move as among the four key carriers these two maintain a considerable range.

If the watch comes to the carriers Sept 25 it may coincide with arrival of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Both new iPhone are set to land on the same day with a good number of customers waiting in line. Further details say the expected two carriers will be T-Mobile and Sprint.

The date and the names of carriers for Apple Watch are not confirmed yet. But we have other reports that show Sprint as carrier but on different date. The report extracted from Sprint document hints that the Apple Watch will make it appearance on carrier’s stores on September 25.  It also reveals that Sprint will bring the Apple Watch in both sizes. With the stainless steel and sport look the Sprint sponsored Apple Watch will also bring new space black look. Thus much is expected to come for Apple Watch users.

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