Apple Watch shipping date changes from July to June

If you are an Apple Watch lover and could not pre-order the Watch at first, we have good news that for many Apple Watch models the Apple Watch shipping date has been improved to six to seven weeks now suggesting they will be delivered by the month of June as compared to previously announced month July.

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This improvement in the Apple Watch shipping date especially came for the 42-mm versions of Apple Watch. The 42-mm versions are the mid range Apple Watch available in stainless steel. According to the new shipping dates those customers who make orders for Apple Watch today will receive their shipment weeks sooner.

The new estimated shipment is set to 5-7 weeks while the old time given was 6-7 weeks. However, those customers who are going to order the black stainless steel model will still have to wait for old period of 6-7 weeks. The time of 6-7 weeks is also working for some other models as they were prior not set for shipment before July. For instance, the space gray and white models are now expected to be available in 6-7 weeks duration.

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This improvement is also relieving for the Apple Watch customers who already have pre-ordered their watches as they have faced a very slow down in the shipment process. The mater is also reportedly acknowledged by the Apple officials. The VC was quoted accepting the lag and promising a faster supply process. The latest announcement of cut in shipment time also supports the promises of Apple officials and will eventually will prove to be a good sign for long waiting Apple enthusiasts. Probably shipment of other models will keep improving following this development.

Those customers, who have ordered the Apple Watch in Space Black stainless steel on first day of announcement, finally got their first shipment couple of days ago.

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