Apple Watch to hit stores including Target and Best Buy

Apple is now a days preparing to make its first shipment of this season to carrier’s stores. According to fresh reports the cap of devices will not only include new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus the iPads but also the Apple Watch. The fresh cap with Apple Watch is set to appear in first phase to Target, Best Buy and some others on October 25. It seems a good move and expectations are higher for Apple Watch to be available at more places except Apple Store.

The early announcement of segment relieves expected customers with a promised availability of their demanded devices. Among the stores Target and Best Buy remain at top. The Target alone operates more than 1800 stores in the US. With its availability at Target stores Apple Watch will be reaching a considerable number of its users. Alongside Target and Best Buy the Sprint, T-Mobile and others join up to take the supply to peak.

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Apple Watch Sport bands are available in stores

Target officials are also preparing for a fast service to deliver the Apple Watch to users without any delay. According to details Target has already selected some of its outlets to get Apple Watch this week. The rest of stores will also get the Apple Watch in the same month. Thus it seems this time Apple customers will not be making complaints anyways. Target has also announced to start online sale of Apple Watch on its website. Target’s iPhone app will also help you getting the Watch via Apple Pay.

Target announces to offer the Apple Watch in its all models. According to Target announcement the Apple Watch will be available in its 20 models that range from sport version to stainless steel. It will also offer Apple Watch with its variety of sizes and colors. Apple has also introduced some new color options besides its first limited colors. You can get the Apple Watch in rose gold finish with extra shines of aluminum on its sport collection.

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