Apple Watch under lots of complaints

Apple Watch is under lots of complaints, complaints are from those users of the Apple Watch who did not follow the instructions where the company has given instructions of wearing it and few precautions for the users because the watch is a product of high tech which definitely have instructions of its use and users have to study those instructions for a safe usage.

The complaints about Apple Watch are that much serious that the users have stopped wearing the Watch. The users are complaining that by wearing the Watch we get rashes on our skin of wrist. Few users have posted their complaints on Twitter along with images of their skin which got rashes.

Few other users complain that the Apple Watch burns the skin of wrest, but none of the users have told regarding the guessed reasons that due to which reasons the Watch is harming the skin. Among the users, there is a user of Apple Watch who is a developer of iOS from UK, also complained about the brunt of the Watch along with a logical reason that says that the backside of the Apple Watch contains lights which are switched on most of the time and light has potential energy of heat, due to improper on and off timing of the lights, might have caused burnt or rashes on wrest.

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Apple Watch was launched in April 2015, it was introduced publically in December 2015, after its introduction, the company has posted the instructions of wearing Apple Watch. In the instructions of Wearing Apple Watch, company states that the purpose of giving instructions of Wearing Apple Watch is to provide awareness to the users because the bands of the Apple Watch contain such material which might be unhealthy for few users who do have allergies from those materials.

In the Wearing Apple Watch instructions the company has also stated that “A better fit means better readings”. In this instruction, it is hardly said that do read the instructions of the Wearing Apple Watch before wearing to enjoy the services of the Apple Watch. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.