Apple watchOS 3: new features, major app speed and more

Apple has officially announced the next version watchOS  for the Apple watch today at WWDC. Apple executive Kevin Lynch unveiled the watchOS 3. The unveiling revealed that new version of the OS includes a variety of changes and enhancements.

One of the major improvements of the watchOS 3 is the speed of opening applications. Kevin Lynch elaborated that due to the enhancements the apps in Apple Watch will open instantly. watchOS 3 has significantly sped up apps and performance of the Apple Watch.

watchos 3


Moreover, the latest Apple Watch OS also repurposes the side button located on the watch. The latest OS utilizes the button to open the Dock or Drawer. The Dock will hold the application that you have used the most. Previously the side button was used to bring forth the Contact list.

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In addition to that, the other exciting feature is a new messaging add-on called Scribble. This feature will allow users to write short, quick texts using their fingers. The watchOS 3 will then change the users handwritten text to a computerized font using handwriting recognition.

The watchOS 3 will also include a new feature that will allow users to quickly communicate with emergency officials. Holding the side button will bring forth the standard shutdown screen, but it will be accompanied with a new SOS option. A countdown timer will appear and emergency officials will be contacted immediately.

The latest OS will also come with Control center. Similarly to iOS,  Apple Watch users can now immediately access quick settings.The watchOS 3 also features a handful of new watch faces, including an Activity Ring face, a Minnie Mouse face, and various others.

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The company has also worked on improving the Apple Watch OS for wheel-chair users. There have been modifications that might seem trivial but are quite considerate. For example, the “Time to stand” notification will now say “Time to roll”. The watchOS 3 will also help Apple Watch to better recognize wheelchair movements and recording that as exercise.

Apple has also introduced a new app called Breathe which will remind users to take time out of their busy day for a few moments and just breathe. The app features a number of breathing and relaxation exercises. The watchOS 3 will be available to developers soon. Users will receive the OS via software update later this year. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.