Apple will not release iPad Air 3 this year: Reports

Apple iPad users are set to welcome the iPad Pro and the iPad mini this year while missing some others. Reports suggest the arrival of both large and thin iPads. But the third gen iPad Air 3 is kept in jeopardy for this year as report suggest Apples plans for the year 2016.

The iPad Air that was introduced in 2013 first time, is reported to get the third generation updates in 2016. According to Taiwanese website Apple’s attention will remain on the mini and pro iPad devices this year. There are many reasons considered behind Apple’s delay in the upgrade of the iPad Air 3. However it is interesting to know what to expect in the upgraded iPad Air 3.

The existing iPad Air tablets are reported to upgrade to 12.9 inches in display. This is quite a large increment in the display size which you will notice alongside other additions. Its other upgrades are also expected which may not be possible by Apple while putting too much attention over the listed iPad mini and iPad Pro.

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Apple’s current moves to update its iPad Mini and iPad Pro are sought more by the marketing prospective. As we have witnessed in the current iPad Air 2, the device features the similar thin design concept with matching internal specs. It is almost capable of running Apples features which are demanded in the iPad mini and Pro. Thus Apple opt to hold the arrival of next gen iPad Air for next season meanwhile promoting currently manufacturing mini and pro models. You can read complete specs of iPad Air 2 as well.

Apple Ipad air 3 concept

Apart from these reports Apple is also going to launch a new iPad device in the market on this year’s event scheduled for September 9. Though Apple has selected its October event for launch of iPads in past years this time it would decide whether launching a key device or just continuing with more upgrades. After all Apple has its stuff for its event which has started attracting users.

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