Apple has started working on Virtual reality tech with a secret team

Apple reportedly is looking forward for the emerging technologies after its not-so-good time with current businesses. The opportunities behind the emerging Virtual Reality tech are good enough to drag Apple to the emerging market. But the year-over-year declining outcome of the currently popular products is also pushing Apple towards new products.

Though Apple is already earning enough as compared with others competitors but for the first time in history the year-over-year iPhone sale for this quarter was recorded low. Also Apple has recently admitted a depressed sale of its iPad. While the performance of the Apple Watch is yet to be unveiled officially. Considering all these, it seems the right time for Apple to look for a more futuristic product.

A fresh report shows Apple to have produced prototypes of Virtual Reality headsets. According to the report Apple has already started working on the VR headsets. Besides the new report, Apple was also reported back in 2013 filing patent for VR headset. Therefore, Apple seems to have considered the option much earlier, but now it is the right time to get down to the business.

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Virtual reality VR

The report shows some interesting developments, showing Apple to have gone beyond the usual startup stuff. According to the report Apple has gathered experts in virtual and augmented reality to team up for its entry in the VR market. Apple’s VR team is reportedly made up of experts from its acquired companies and some others who were broken up from the noted companies in the market like Microsoft.

According to Financial Time’s report the leading VR Researcher Doug Bowman has been hired by Apple as Director who is working on VR interfaces. Apple has also purchased the Flyby Media, the company behind the technology of scanning real time objectives into virtual reality. Besides all these developments the random comments by Apple officials also express a degree of interest in the emerging technology.

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