Apple WWDC 2015 event Details

Apple is holding another event this June and it is not the launching of a newer iPhone or iPad but the Worldwire Developer Conference 2015. While a lot is expected in the conference, the must will be iOS 9 updates and OS X updates as after all it is the conference for the developers. The WWDC 2015 will start on June 8 at Cupertino around 11am which is 7pm BST and 2pm eastern. While it is not confirmed yet if the conference will be available for live streaming, We all know that the Key Note will be addressed by Tim Cook wearing the Apple Watch!

Usually, the conference begins with announcements about different new products of the Apple and we have summarized here the possible details of the WWDC 2015.

Apple Pay Reward Program

The first confirmed thing we will see at the WWDC 2015 is announcement about the Apple Pay Reward Program. Apple earlier announced that it is going to launch the Apple Pay Reward Program but no details were released at that time. What was missing in the Apple Pay was a reward program for the loyal customers who are using Apple Pay at the merchants providing the services. Now with this Apple Pay Reward Program, Apple will offer some discounts and other perks to the customers to attract them towards the Apple Pay. Many other Apple Pay Customers, including CurrentC, offer many loyalty cards and discounts to their customers.Apple Pay Reward Program

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Will we get details about the iOS 9 at WWDC 2015

Although we don’t have any information about the next big update of the iOS, i.e. the iOS 9 but it is widely believed that Apple will introduce Force Touch and other enhancements related to the Apple Watch in its next big update of iOS. Other reports suggest that this release will focus to stabilize and mature the existing features along with some minor changes.

New Music Streaming Service

Different rumors suggest that Apple is working on a new music streaming service and is finalizing the deals in this regards. The new service will be re-branding othe Beats Music Service and will be built into iTunes. The rumors suggest pricing will be in between $7.99 to $9.99. We can listen some stories about the iTunes Radio as well.Beats music

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Apple TV and new Television Services

According to the reports from Wall Street Journal, Apple is planning to launch a new television streaming service and it will be announced at WWDC 2015. The report further suggested that Apple is partnering with some sources like AVC, CBS and FOX for this purpose and will provide 25 channels at $30 to $40 per month.

Another development will be seen about Apple TV. Its been a while that we have seen any enhancement and update to the Apple TV and now it looks like Apple will change the Apple TV completely introducing the Apple’s A8 chip and more internal storage. We can see Siri in action as well but it is not confirmed yet.

How Can You Join the WWDC 2015

Well tag the brand name of Apple with anything and you will find long queues waiting to get their hands on that things. Same is the case with WWDC, despite being a developers conference which means it will completely technical and there will be no interest for general public but you can not attend the conference unless you have tickets for it. Due to space and limited seats, Apple started selling tickets for the WWDC, first time in 2008 and you can imgaine the popularity of the event that all the tickets of WWDC 2013 were sold out in just two minutes. Apple then introduced the lottery system in 2014 and same trend will continue in 2015.

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Unfortunately, if you are developer and willing to join the WWDC 2015, bad news for you is registration is closed. Infact it was closed in April last month. For more details and for future use you can see the Apple’s Developer Page. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.