Apple’s redesigned thinner MacBook Air expected in mid-2016 with 15-in screen

With December yet to go, rumor mill is active about Apple plans for 2016 showing us what to expect next. One of such reports shows Apple is redesigning its MacBook Air to bring it new looks by mid-2016. The report suggest new looks with thinner build and a substantial boost on internal specs.

The redesign model is reported to be the touch with the MacBook Air by Apple. With slim design and more powers inside the redesigned MacBook Air is expected to join up the mid-2016 releases by Apple. This is in accordance with the Worldwide Developers Conference 2016 where Apple will unveil many of its packages.

Current MacBook Air has not seen any considerable internal change for quite a long time, raising many questions over its status among other up to dated devices in the market. Current reports are suggesting a move by Apple to address the concerns with the idle status of the MacBook Air.

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Thus now with a redesign concept we may get the thinnest and lightest device by Apple in the range. However, new design and more internal powers also translate into higher prices than others. The recent report also suggests Apple stretching the display size up to 15inch with a 13inch model also likely. However the fate of the 11inch MacBooK Air model is yet not decided by the company.

As we already have the iPad Pro there are many reasons Apple may discount options with mini computer devices. The exclusion of the 11inch MacBook Air is also being considered among the options after developments with iPad. Besides these there are many other additions expected on the next generation MacBook. We may find new batteries with improved looks and stylish chassis and new cooling modules. Yet we have current season to go, meanwhile fresh reports are likely for more info.

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