Apple’s Rumored Dual-Camera Setup Make Rounds On Web!

A patent by Apple surfaced in January giving us an idea of the presence of a dual-lens camera interface on the iOS devices. The patent and the rumors following were surprising plus good news for all who were expecting some new additions in Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 duo.

As per the patent, there would be a dual-camera system consisting of one standard wide-angle lens and a second telephoto lens capable of capturing zoomed-in photos and videos. The standard wide-angle lens is entirely similar to the lenses we see in the other iPhones today. Apple’s patent paired with its unique software has assured that both of the lenses will be able to take separate videos or photographs simultaneously.

Apple Dual-Camera Setup

Images taken by the lens duo will be shown on the same screen in the Camera app via split-screen View showing a conventional wide-angle image on one hand and a zoomed image on the other. Isn’t Apple doing wonders? Similarly, while taking photographs or making videos; users will be able to shift quickly between different lenses. A tap on the picture will zoom it within the second lens.

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To understand it better, let’s consider an example. For instance, during a birthday party, you can make a video before the cake is cut using the standard wide-angle iPhone camera, and then you can tap the screen to open a split-screen view and activate the telephoto lens for a close-up shot of the exact moment the person cuts the cake.

Additionally, the zoom system uses the lenses with longer focal length instead of software magnification, which makes the zoomed in image crisp and clear. The users will be able to use both cameras separately, with each one capturing videos even in slow motion or one capturing video and the other taking photographs. The best part here is that the picture or video taken by the lens duo can be saved separately and can even be merged with more pro and artistic effect.

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The patent mentioned isn’t enough to describe in detail about the camera features Apple is thinking to include in the iPhone 7 series. Even though, we do not even confirm now if this setup will be coming in both devices or not. Various rumors have suggested that the dual-lens camera will be present in the larger iPhone 7. However, we can expect the contrary too. Wait until September to know more about the camera thing! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.