Five Apps that Reduce iPhone’s Battery Life

iPhoneThere are all sorts of things we do in order to extend our iPhone‘s battery life. But at the end of the day, all of the tips and tricks have little to no effect. However, there are some apps that affect the iPhone’s battery life more than the others.

Among popular iPhone apps, there are five in particular that suck the battery life out of your iPhone. These iPhone offending apps are listed below:



The Facebook app is without a doubt the app that drains the battery life of most of the smartphones. It rapidly empties the battery when it’s running in the foreground and also when it’s operating in the background. Even if you are not an avid Facebook user just having this app run in the background will drain your battery more than a lot of other applications.

To prevent the Facebook application from draining the battery rapidly, closing the application when not in use would help significantly. You can prevent it from working in the background also. To do so go to Settings->General->Background App Refresh. The other choice you have is to not use the app altogether and instead access Facebook through a browser.

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Google Chrome:


Google Chrome is while undoubtedly one of the best browsers out there, it is also guilty of battery drainage. When it comes to Safari, though, Apple has done a good job optimizing code in its apps. Google, on the other hand, lacks in this department. Chrome is a good browser but it drains too much battery compared to the built-in Safari. So it is better to choose Safari if you want better battery life.



Similar to Facebook, Twitter also drains the battery life while actively running, and also when in the background. One thing to note is that when working in the background, twitter is constantly polling for tweets. So, the more people you follow, the more the app works in the background. This results in more battery drainage.
Same as Facebook, it is best to close the app when not in use.  Similarly, you can prevent it from working in the background also. To do so go to Settings->General->Background App Refresh.

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Google Maps:iPhone

Same as the two apps mentioned above, Google Maps app also drains a lot of battery. Apple Maps fares much better than Google Maps when it comes to battery drainage.  However, Google Maps offer a great deal more functionality compared to Apple’s Maps, so it’s not surprising that it drains the battery.



Skype also hammers the battery whether it’s running in the background or the foreground. It is the heaviest application among all of its kinds.  You could disable the application, and prevent it from working in the background, but then you’re only going to be able to utilize it when the app is in the foreground. Alternatively, you could use iMessage and FaceTime instead.


  • You can shut down apps that drain a lot of battery by going to Settings->General->Background App Refresh.
  • You can find out which apps are draining a lot of battery by keeping an eye on battery usage information. To do so go to Settings -> Battery.
  • Generally, when it comes to battery drainage stock apps win over third party apps.
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