Ask Siri to divide zero by zero & you will be surprised

Siri, Apple’s famous virtual assistant app is quite amazing with its artificial intelligence and quick responses. But it becomes even amazing when users try out tricks with Siri. But the intelligent app has proved its intelligence, if you don’t believe, ask Siri, to divide zero by zero.

If you have not tried it yet you may be very passionate for the answer the Siri will give you. But before going to Siri’s answer we are aware of witty people who want to confuse her. You may also be one of them who have tried their best with Siri. But Siri is as confidant as it is made to be with Apple’s best efforts.

Now let’s judge the response of Siri and how she divides zero by zero. You may think that she will get confused and express sorry that the question is out of her domain. But the response by Siri shows clearly that she is much confidant than the witty users of her.

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After dividing zero by zero Siri responds, with even a more tricky answer that not only confuse you but also she attack you claiming that you don’t have friends. Yes, she does it, Siri knows that you meant to confuse her therefore she first give you a theory. She ask you to imagine if you have zero cookies and zero friends and you want to spit the zero cookies to your zero friends then how many of the cookies will go to each of your friends?

She doesn’t stops at this supposition but she laterally teaches you a lesion. She says to the tricky user, see my response is not making any sense but it is same as your question which also doesn’t make sense. She also teas you saying that there are no cookies and also you don’t have friends. And you will feel it when you will hear Siri responding you just ask her the very same or any other such question. Apple is also planning to improve the Siri in iOS 9.

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