AT&T teaser shows the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

If anything remains on the top wish list of the smartphone enthusiasts right now is none other than the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. Since the rumors and then confirmation of its arrival all eyes are set to have the first glimpse of the Galaxy S6 Active. This will surely give them a clear view that what actually Samsung have for them against currently saturated market.

Until now all have their eyes on the updated reports and as there been emerging on daily basis now we have another teaser. And again it is related to the AT&T. Yes you may memorize the report saying that the AT&T will be the first to bring the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active to the US customers. Now another teaser on the AT&T shows the early arrival of the Galaxy S6 Active.

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The fresh teaser posted by the AT&T suggests that it is bringing something, its users are waiting the most. Though it is a teaser thus it remains tricky and also very short. No name was revealed about the much waited arrival but expectations suggest it to be the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active.

AT&T is also reportedly the confirmed carrier for the Galaxy S6 Active in the US market therefore the teaser is very likely to be linked with the arrival of the Samsung high-end. Any confirmed news is sought from the Samsung but still the leads from the AT&T are also taken not less than official.

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The expected Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is reportedly to be the closest variant of the earlier launched Galaxy S6 device featuring a similar spec chart. But the battery on the Galaxy S6 Active is expected to be the main part to make it an Active device against its premiers. For instance, against the 2550 mAh battery of the standard Galaxy S6 the S6 Active is set to arrive with a 3500 mAh battery. You can read full Samsung Galaxy S6 specs as well. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.