Back to Past: Lumia 928 does stunts, Galaxy S II climbs Everest [Videos]

In the busy market of smartphones the frequency of new launches makes things very competitive, especially for advertisements. Unlike the other markets where we have fewer options, the smartphone market is full of alternative options to confuse a generic buyer.

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This is seen in the advertisement concepts of many well known manufactures. The main challenge faced by the advertisers of smartphones is, how to show the distinguished features with a perfect exclusivity. This job becomes
challenging when you have a lot of devices with striking features.

But the creative minds accept this challenge and bring the best promos. This is the case observed with Samsung and Nokia in their advertisements where both did stunts to express the best of their devices.

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Samsung adopted an idea to send out a tweet from the earth’s peak height, and shows that it ends the limits to use 3G internet. Latter we also observed Nokia with similar publicity stunts. Two years earlier in May when Lumia 928 was first unveiled it was flying a drone through the wilderness of Canada. That was a good show of optical stabilization.

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In another stunt we found the Lumia 920. It was set to go through the harsh desert conditions. They tied to the front of a 4×4 and drive thru the desert in Dubai.

Flying with a drone, driving thru desert and high on the Mount Everest shows the trends of including rough places to promote the smartphones. It may be a good thing to attract all those customers who like adventures. Also it may work as rough places can bitter show the exclusive features of the devices.

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Nokia features the roughness of its Lumia 920 in desert, while the Lumia 928 over wilderness shows the extreme performance of its optical stabilization. But the Mount Everest and 3G internet features on Samsung Galaxy S II makes a frustrating impression as many even can’t get 3G coverage in their home. Microsoft has focused on the Cortana in its latest Ads for Lumia 640 device. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.