Battery life test for Galaxy S6 Active

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is a big device from all angles and to run its heavy features what it need the most is a powerful battery. And as we got aware of the details of the Galaxy S6 Active it also promises to give a great power addition as compared to the Galaxy S6 itself. With the battery of 3500mAh we can expect the promised power performance.

The unite compares well against the 2550mAh battery on the 0riginal Galaxy S6 which has already recorded many complaints regarding battery timings. However this apparent difference aside, a test can better show that how far the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active can go with its powerful battery and equally powerful internal specs.

A test was done to confirm the battery capabilities of the Galaxy S6 Active and the results were interesting as it seems Samsung proving its climes of optimizing the high ends smartphones a long standby device.

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The large battery of the Galaxy S6 Active takes its time while charging. During the test the S6 Active took nearly 103minuts to full the battery while the Galaxy S6 with its smaller battery takes 78minuts. The charging time it takes is quite long but considering the battery capacity it is relatively good.

With a fully charged battery the device was expected to run for over 12 hours with an active screen but the results show outstanding 16 hours with even video playback. This is quite good for a truly active device as it is tagged with the Galaxy S6 Active. Once you have given it enough time for charging you will enjoy the Galaxy without any tensions of running out of charge.

After the test it seems that Samsung has finally achieved the results for an excellent power but its other key area also need to subject to similar test. Keep with us and let us update you on the other features of the Galaxy S6 active and other interesting stories from the tech world.

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