Best Apple iPad Pro Covers and Cases

The Apple iPad Pro was launched in September 2015 in the wake of much anticipation. The latest tablet was highly awaited for and was well received by fans. The iPad Pro became quickly popular and was well reviewed. The tablet has a display size of 12.9 inches is not only breath-taking in appearance but, is also a virtuoso in the tech field. Apart from the stunning design and appearance, the tablet also has unprecedented performance. You can check the big list of Apple iPhone 7 cases here.

The device is great for all kinds of usage from entertainment to productivity. If you already own and iPad Pro or if you are considering of buying one that it is important to understand that devices like these need to be protected. We all can be clumsy now and then so it is important to buy a protective case or cover for your iPad Pro to ensure that it is properly protected. Especially considering that repairing an Apple device doesn’t come cheap.

#TFeaturedThere are a lot of great covers and cases available these days. You can get cases made up of different materials that vary in the amount of protection they offer. There are also quite a few stylish and trendy cases out there as well and some that offer high-level military grade rugged protection too. So we have compiled an extensive list of all the very best cases for iPad Pro that are currently available in the market. This list will help you select the right case for you iPad Pro. There are 20 cases in this list that vary in price, style, and protection so you have a lot to choose from.

If you own this device, then you must be interested in protecting it from. Although the beauty of Apple iPad Pro should not be hidden. But, the protection and care is a must at the same time. Because, no matter what, we all are careless and we throw the iPads right into our bags and they dive in the midst of our personal belongings.

Best Cases and Cover for your Apple iPad Pro:

Here is the extensive list of all the very best cases and covers for the iPad Pro that are currently available in the market. All of these cases vary in protection, price, and quality so there is a wide range from which you can choose the right case to suit your needs. Without further ado here are the very best cases for the Apple iPad Pro…

Apple Smart Keyboard Case for iPad Pro

If you’re looking to protect your iPad Pro and a keyboard to go with it, then the Smart Keyboard is a great choice. As seen before on the iPad Air and iPad mini, the Smart Keyboard clips magnetically to the side of the iPad Pro and protects its screen. The Smart Keyboard is an original iPad Pro accessory case by Apple. It is a pretty perfect case that comes with a full QWERTY keyboard.Smart Keyboadr

This Apple made iPad Pro cover case resembles the Smart cover it used to sell for Pro’s predecessors. The case not only protects your iPad, but it also serves as a junction between laptop and a tablet, via a keyboard. The case can protect both, the upper and lower part of the device. As far as the price is concerned, Apple Smart Keyboard has the typical price tag feature of Cupertino giant. It is available for $169.00 on

Apple iPad Pro Silicone Cases

The Apple Silicone Case is another one of Apple’s official accessory case for the Apple iPad Pro. This case is great if you are looking for something that is light and thin and will not make you iPad bulky.This case is made of silicone and it only covers the back of your device and offers minimal protection. The case is good if you are not too clumsy and it protects the corners of the screen and the back of the iPad from knocks, scuffs, and cracks.

1Apple Silicon

The case fits snugly over the tablet and it has cutouts for all the ports and the four speakers. The Silicone Cover has a nice feel to it and it offers a comfortable grip. The case is a little pricey but since it is and official Apple product this much was expected.

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Case made UltraThin Cases for iPad Pro

Case made’s Ultrathin Case is another great cover for your iPad Pro if you are looking for something light and sleek with reasonable protection. The UltraThin Case  is made from 100 percent Italian cowhide leather, providing users with a cover that’s soft to the touch and will continue to look good over time as it ages.


The case also offers easy access to all the buttons, ports, and sensors so that you will never have to take your tablet out from it. It also has a nice look and offers a comfortable grip.

The case also offers a  smart wake/sleep functionality and it doubles up as a stand for the iPad Pro with two viewing angles. Ultimately it is a good quality case that offers a substantial amount of everyday protection for you iPad Pro.

Logitech Create keyboard iPad Pro case

If the official Apple Smart keyboard was too expensive for you or you just didn’t like it then worry not because Apple isn’t the only one making keyboard cases for the Apple iPAd Pro. Logitech has a great Create Keyboard Case that is almost half the price. 3Logitech

The Logitech Create Keyboard case is available in various stylish color combinations from which you can choose from. This case is not as easy to take out and put on but that might be a good thing for some because this case turns your iPad Pro into a laptop. At half the price the keyboard is still a lot better that the official Apple one because it’s keys are more similar to a normal keyboard.

Griffin Survivor Slim Case for iPad Pro

Griffin has been making protective cover and cases for a wide range of electronic devices for a while now and it has established its name. The Survivor range of cases is one of the most indestructible covers and cases currently available in the market. The Griffin Survivor Slim is a protective case for iPad Pro that offers rugged protection but it is still not very bulky.


If you are clumsy or tend to be in situations where you could drop you iPad Pro often then this case is a great choice. It also has a handy Apple Pencil holder and compatibility with Apple’s Smart Cover or Smart Keyboard.

Griffin Survivor Cases for iPad Pro

Griffin Survivor is a protective case for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. This case has a classic design that the company has used in many other cases for different devices. It offers rugged protection and it is made of two parts including an inner crash shell. The shell prevents harsh drops from breaking your precious iPad.


Griffin Survivor is a great choice if you tend to use your iPad outside often or if your children are always getting their hands on it and bouncing it around. It’s all in the name, this case was made to survive.

Filofax Metropol iPad Pro Covers

Filofax is a great book-like case for your tablet that is available in many trendy colors. The case is well built and it is reliable. The company is known for manufacturing great quality products and this case is no exception.


One great feature about this cover that only very few others offer is that this case allows you to prop up you iPad Pro in both landscape and portrait modes. The case also has a tab  to store your Apple Pencil, or just a regular pen, as the case also comes with an internal paper pad. However, there isn’t much space to accommodate a keyboard.

Targus VersaVu Covers for iPad Pro

The Targus VeersaVu is a case made of a poly-carbonate with microfiber lining and it is being sold by John Lewis. The case has a plastic cradle that the iPad fits into. The cradle can also rotate to display the tablet in portrait or landscape mode.

 iPad Pro Cover

The case is simplistic and not very stylish but it gets the job done. It has an MIL-STD-810G military specification which means that it is approved for the United States Army. While you’re probably unlikely to be taking it on a combat tour, it will provide some reassurance that this case is serious about protecting your iPad Pro. The case can survive a 4 feet drop and you can use it outdoors without worrying about your tablet.

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KHOMO lightweight Cover Cases for iPad Pro

The Khomo lightweight case offers a great feature that auto wakes and sleeps your iPad Pro while also functioning as a stand. The simplistic case is a great affordable option and it is available for both sizes of the iPad Pro. There is also a wide range of colors to choose from. It is a good quality case that offers sufficient protection and is great for everyday use.

 iPad Pro Cover

Urban Armor Gear iPad Pro Cases

If you are looking for rugged military grade protection then look no further. The Urban Armor Gear is the best protective case around for your iPad Pro. The company is known for making protective, rugged cases for various devices.

 iPad Pro Cover

The case also comes with a heavy duty stand at the back and it also has a clip where you can attach your Apple Pencil so you don’t lose it.

STM Dux iPad Pro Covers

If you are looking for a case that combines durability and design then the STM Dux iPad Pro cover is the one for you. The clear back shows off your flash gadget in all its glory while allowing access to all the ports, buttons, and speakers. However, this case only covers the back it doesn’t protect the screen.

 iPad Pro Cover

The case It also allows access to the Smart Connector for full compatibility with Apple’s Smart Cover and Smart Keyboard, and has a clip for the Apple Pencil as well.

MoKo Slim-Fit Case for iPad Pro

MoKo is considered as the most reliable and auspicious third party case making company. It is the sole organization from where you can always get something to buy for your gadget.

Apple iPad Pro covers by this company have been designed for simplicity. The austere design permits the users to access all the functions of the tablet without any hassle. You can prop the tablet at any angle and at any position you want. The front cover has been built in such a way that it will protect your display from scratches. The back of the case is clear plastic to ensure the protection of the tablet.Moko

Apart from all the other durability and protection features, the cover has a neat and clean hand strap which will make it convenient for you to wield your iPad.The front cover is padded to protect that all important display, the back is reinforced plastic for durability and protection. And that includes at all four corners. Furthermore, there’s a neat hand strap attached to help you easier wield your iPad Pro.

LK X Shape Thin Protective iPad Pro Case:

The cover is best for those, who have bought the tablet for side uses. It means that you have a laptop and you use iPad Pro for entertainment or light purposes. The cover has restrictions of postures and angles; in which it can be used on your iPad. It is a sole TPU case that just protects the back.Dandy

The positive point of the device is that it has four covered corners, so it can easily protect the device if it falls. The case is not too stylish or appealing but it does come in different hue options. Also, the company claims that the cover is dirt and stain proof, shatter proof and scratch proof. There are so many proofs that you will have to use the cover to prove if it is worthy or not.

Inateck felt Sleeve Covers for iPad Pro

The other name in the cover case list for Apple iPad Pro is the Inateck Felt Sleeve. The cover is best for those who use the iPad for daily purposes like carrying to college or workplace etc. The cover is multi-purpose too. It does not only fits your iPad but it also looks stylish on your MacBook too.


The most exhilarating feature of this case is that it is built from some very solid material and it can act as a stand for you laptop. FeltSleeve is wear resistant and stylish and comfortable at the same time. There is a total of two pockets to carry your iPad Pro, MacBook, and Smartphone. The smaller items like mouse etc can be protected inside the back area. The Velcro closing protects all your possessions from damages.

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Verus Layered Dandy Leather Cases for iPad Pro

If you want to protect your device from scratches, damages and yet you want style and fashion at the same time, then you should definitely opt for this cover.The cover apart from being durable is also stylish and strong. There is a strong magnetic lock with auto sleep feature and wake support for the iPad Pro which will help in protection. It also has a little place for your Apple Pencil.Verus

You can use your iPad in different postures and angles with an easy access to all buttons and features without the fear of any scratches or malfunction.

Gumdrop iPad Pro Cases

The Gumdrop case is a case which does not compromise on protection. The case has a built-in, reinforced rubber bumpers on the sides. Moreover, there is also a multi-angle stand that you can use to prop you tablet up safely. This case is great if you are looking for high-level of protection.Gumbdrop

The case is also impact-resistant and has double layered polycarbonate and silicon construction. The slot for Apple Pencil is also a part of this device.

OEAGO PU Leather Stand Folio Cases

The Joli originals OEAGO PU Leather Stand Folio Case is a smooth iPad case for all the iPads. The Original is made from smooth Italian leather which is also considered to be handmade.


The inner covering of the case has the touch of 100 per cent wool. Every case is stitched with super strong thread.The thread in manufacturing is used in parachutes’ construction. This case is a perfect fit for everyday use and it offers sufficient protection.


MOFRED iPad Pro Cases and Covers

The Mofred case is an exclusive iPad Pro case. The best point of this case is that it has an option of flipping the iPad. It means that you can flip the case either horizontal or vertical as per your choice.


There is a built-in magnetic strip which will activate your alarm as soon as iPad Pro is opened and it will also make the device sleep when the case is closed. Moreover, it also comes with a stylus pen and Screen protector.

Pad & Quill Cases for iPad Pro

The Pad and Quill case is made from a single piece of full grain bridle leather. The case provides protection to the iPad without putting extra weight.

Pen and Quill

There is also an additional pocket inside the cover where you can keep your documents. There is also a self-propping built-in stand for Apple Pencil. The case is available in Chestnut and Whiskey colors. Pad And Quill case is available on the company’site and can be ordered for $129.95

Pipetto iPad Pro Covers

Pipetto is also a very smart cover for the Apple iPad Pro. It has a multi-foldable interior with soft PU. The cover features a suede lining and a protective snap-in. There is also a soft-touch polycarbonate shell. The cover is available in different colors. You can view the tablet from four different angles. Furthermore, Pipetto also has an option of sleep and wake for the iPad. The case is available from Pipetto’s official website for £34.95.Pipetto

This was our list of the very best cases and covers for the iPad Pro. Hopefully, this list will help you pick out the right case for your Apple iPad. Did this article help you pick a case for your device? Did we miss any of the good cases? Be sure to let us know in the comments and check out our best iPhone 6s battery cases story as well. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.