Best Buy to expand Apple Watch availability to 1000+ stores

Apple Watch is going to gain some pace in the market as the key stores including the Best Buy have planned to speed up its availability. The Best Buy made it earlier this month to bring the Apple Watch to its shelves. It vowed to bring the device with bands to selected stores but in an impressive manner.

Apple Watch: All You want to know

The Best Buy started selling the Watch from 7th of August but in the US stores only. For the stores in Canada it kept the users waiting until 14th of August. And now the Watch seems made its way to customers in almost of the stores mentioned in this regard.

Apple Watch Sport bands are available in stores

Though Apple has not been too quick to inform the market with the sale progress of the Apple Watch but we have some appreciating reports from the stores. According to the Best Buy the Watch has gained a high demands. And the Best Buy has now prepared to speed up its operations to meet the high demand.

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As the Best Buy pointed the Watch is already expected to attract a large number of US customers. After all, the US market has been among the key places for the Apple Watch even before its arrival. Following the developments now the Apple Watch is going to show off at the shelves in about 1,050 stores.

The big announcement by the Best Buy is yet on the papers and we need to wait for any date for the widespread availability of the Apple smart watch. Considering the older plans Apple Watch was set to make its appearance in only 300 stores for this season. But as the demand was all time high the number of store has been increased and we hopefully see a full range availability of the Watch. It will be good as the unavailability of the Watch to retail stores has been among the key complains made by its expected users.

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