Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Photo leaks yet

Samsung is not going to lose the war of being No. 1, at least the current momentum about the next galaxy device suggests the same. To launch Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge, Samsung earlier sent invitations without any details and just writing ‘What is Next’ slogan on the invitations, then we saw multiple teasers of ‘I am the Next Galaxy’ campaign and now it is the Service providers which are changing their website screens with the ‘SIX APPEAL’ banners.

T-Mobile has placed a cool picture of Samsung Galaxy S6 teaser and it seems to be the best teaser till now. Later following the same trend, AT&T and Sprint added the same pictures but with different shades on their websites. T-Mobile has also added a page on its website where it asks you to register and get alerts about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 device. What we get from this is it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be ready for pre-order soon after its launch at the T-Mobile site.

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What looks to us is the Samsung Galaxy S Edge variant which being promoted in the teaser and it seems Samsung is focusing on the Edge devices after the success of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. We learnt earlier that the Edge devices are getting issues in production and we could not get any further details about it. This is the second bad news in this series. Earlier we learnt that Samsung decided to ditch Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 because of the over-heating problems.

With less than one week remaining in the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 at MWC 2015, we will see who wins this battle of No. 1 position. What is your opinion about the upcoming Galaxy device? Do tell us through comments section.

T-Mobile Teaser for Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 photo leak T-Mobile

Sprint Teaser for Samsung Galaxy S6

six-appeal-sprint-version-For Samsung Galaxy S6

AT&T Teaser for Samsung Galaxy S6

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