Best Smart bands to use in 2015

The demand and use of wearable technology is gaining speed day by day. So of course demand of Smart Bands is also increasing continuously. Now a days there are many top Smart Bands available in the market and it can be very difficult task to choose the best one. Smart Bands play an important role in the tracking of activities of one’s daily life such as sleep tracking, calories intake, step tracking, heart-rate monitoring, etc. The smart bands are also commonly known as fitness tracker.

According to the report of NPD (National Purchase Diary) group, from every 10 U.S adults, one U.S owns Smart Band. This ratio shows us the interest of people in this latest wearable technology.

Considering the increasing use of smart bands we have made a list of some best smart bands available in the market. Let’s discuss some of top Smart Bands of 2015:

Best Smart Bands of 2015

Microsoft Band

Microsoft band 2 side by side

Microsoft Health launched its first device named Microsoft Band and now Microsoft has launched the Band 2 as well. It features like measuring calorie burn, monitoring heart rate, tracking steps count and sleep quality with the help of highly innovative and advanced sensors. Built-in GPS is also integrated into it which automatically detects the movement and motion of you. You can see email previews and set calendar alerts as its advanced features. Another big glance of Microsoft Band is that it is cross-platform device which works on Windows Phone, Android and iPhone as well as companions for Windows and Mac, therefore a wide range of peoples can use it. Now it does not matter which phone and device you have, which services you use, it is only designed to work for you.

Microsoft Band has 1.4 inch colorful displays. This display is big enough to read everything clearly. It has only two buttons, one is for power and the other is for action. It is available in three sizes i.e. small, medium and large.

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Fitbit Charge HR


Fitbit Charge HR is another glance of smart bands released in early 2015 which is the enhanced version of the Fitbit Charge activity tracker released in November 2014. This wearable has some new features as compared to previous wearable devices by Fitbit.

It includes optical heart rate sensors that can track automatic, continuous and wrist-based heart rate. Its battery life is up to 5 days, which is lasting longer than other competing trackers. It detects all day working activities like distance cover, calories burned, floors climbed, heart rate and active minutes. Your sleep can be monitored by it and you can also be able to set a silent alarm. You can see all daily stats which include date and timing, call notifications and their compatible devices. It also gets the real-time stats of running and reviewing routes.

Xiaomi Mi Band


The Xiaomi’s products are available at very affordable price in the market. When Xiaomi announced Mi Band in august last year, many people were surprised after knowing its price. This was considered the cheapest band or activity tracker out there in the market.

The design of Xiaomi Mi Band is very simple because there is no display and no buttons on it. It consists of two components, one is the fitness module which tracks your activity and the other is a rubber strap itself. Fitness module consists of three LEDs and most efficient Bluetooth which indicates and monitor your activity. This module tracks your sleep, vibrating alert of incoming calls, unlock your mobile phone when it is near to the Band without using a password and set smart alarms. Standby power of Xiaomi Mi Band is up to 30 days. You can buy the Xiaomi Mi Band at GearBest for just $16 with 65% discount.

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The I5 Plus Smart Band

The I5 Plus Smart Band

There is another cheap Smart Band, which deserves for the title of Best Smart Band of 2015. This band consists of a multi-language display, which shows calls and SMS and alerts of Facebook and Twitter messages. It tracks all day activities, sleep monitoring and silent alarm. Its display size is 0.91” with smooth and easy touch. The Bands we discuss previously were water resistant, but The I5 Plus is water proof. It includes vibrating alarm clock and timing functions. It supports upgrading firmware.  It is compatible for Android 4.3+, iOS7+ and Bluetooth 4.0+. You can buy the I5 Plus smart band at GearBest for just $25.

The Vidonn X6

The Vidonn X6

Wearable market increases day by day and many companies release their new products. In this scenario, Vidonn has also launched their new wearable product, the X6 Band. It is the enhance version of X5 which was many faults and bugs. But this new wearable successfully fixes all previous issues. There is 0.88” OLED display screen which shows the calls, SMS, Facebook and Twitter alerts as well. It tracks all activities of the day and night such as sleep tracking, silent alarms etc. as previous Smart Bands. This Band includes touch key and seamless app integration. It automatically upgrades the OTA firmware. Its standby power is up to 15 days. It is compatible with iOS 7+, Android 4.3+ and Bluetooth 4.0+ syncing with smartphones. You can buy the Vidonn X6 smart band for just $27 with almost 50% discount at GearBest.

The V5S Smart Wristband

The V5S Smart Wristband

The V5S Smart Band is the cheapest piece of hardware. It is available in three cool colors. Its weight is just 0.2 kg and made up of from Silicon material. Its built-in Bluetooth is capable of tracking the quality of sleep, i.e. light sleep, deep sleep and wake up and other various functionalities. It also alerts the call and SMS notifications. The other remarkable functionality of this device is you can use it as a camera remote. It consists of smooth and easy touch OLED display. It is compatible for Android 4.3+ and iOS 6+. It supports the Bluetooth V4.0 and standby time is approx. 15-20 days. The V5S Smart wristband can be purchased for just $11 at GearBest.

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Jawbone UP2

Jawbone UP2

Jawbone UP2 is the most stylish and slim fitness tracker which is the successor of UP24.  People love Jawbone’s Bands because it consists of good and interactive software’s which make the fitness tracker great. It does not have GPS, optical heart-rate sensor and no notification alert which makes it very simple and performs those simple functionalities pretty well. It tracks the steps you take, the distance you cover and your calories that burned. There is also a tracking of sleep. Jawbone UP2 automatically records all the activities of daily life which make it to compare from other Bands. It is also used to drink’s, food’s and mood’s tracking. The Jawbone app is also available for Android and iOS.

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