BlackBerry Passport got 200k ordered since launch

BlackBerry’s new smartphone with an unusual shape is making its way through the rush market of smartphone. Its new flagship Passport made 200,000 orders since its launch on Wednesday. It sold out in six hours on its own website, and in 10 hours on Amazon.

It seems to be a strong early start by the BlackBerry with the Passport. The effort is also seem as very critical to the company’s efforts to turn it around. This year the Canadian mobile phone company has launched the only flagship smartphone. Though still BlackBerry is trying to retain its traditions and is attempting to go after “power professionals”, the productivity-focused individuals who prefer a keyboard and focus on messaging and e-mails.

The Passport targeted more the people who work in large corporations and government agencies that value security and messaging capabilities. Therefor it has an professional imprint with a trust of security among the business communities. The AT&T has confirmed that it would sell the Passport, the date and price are still to be announced. The new smartphone is available in the United States for $599 in unlocked condition.

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The smaller initial order is also seen as one of the reasons why the BlackBerry’s new smartphone sold out so quickly, though a larger order is said to come next Wednesday. The company is also launching its BlackBerry Classic, soon which took its model concept from the earlier Bold.

There was a loss in the 2015 second fiscal quarter, considering that a year ago BlackBerry lost more than four times in the same period. With EZ Pass Program, it sell 3.4 million licenses for BES10, almost three times as many compared to the last quarter. It has been also struggling for the latest BlackBerry platform among existing customers. It also gain acceptance among those who had been using its competitors’ alternatives. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.