BlackBerry Virtual Expert app for the Priv arrives

BlackBerry Virtual Expert app finally makes its way on the Play Store with native diagnostic capabilities for the BlackBerry Priv. The diagnostic tool works on the certain parts of the Android running BlackBerry Priv, to help sorting out some common issues you may face with the device.

BlackBerry Virtual Expert app for Blackberry Priv

According to the details the BlackBerry Virtual Expert app works in at least 18 separate areas of the BlackBerry Priv to find out problems. These areas of inspection include display, touch screen, keypad, slider, microphone, speakers, camera, flash, proximity and light sensors, vibrator, notification light and USB port.

Working like a standard diagnostic tool the BlackBerry Virtual Expert app goes through all key areas of the BlackBerry Priv and gives you scores of each part. After scanning the key areas of your Priv, the BlackBerry Virtual Expert suggests you to contact your carrier for the selected issues.

Being an Android running device the BlackBerry Priv can also have other third party diagnostic tools but company’s Virtual Expert app gives you an unbiased tool. Being a native app we can expect the Virtual Expert to performed more efficiently diagnosing device issue.

BlackBerry Virtual Expert app diagnostic tests

BlackBerry Priv marks the entry of BlackBerry into Android world being company’s first device running open source Android OS. But with impressive first responses the Priv will probably not be the only Android running BlackBerry. For now we have at least one other Android running Blackberry device in pipeline, as cleared by CEO John Chen.

Besides the hints from BlackBerry officials we also have a number of rumors that suggest about the successor of the BlackBerry Priv. The upcoming BlackBerry device with Android is listed with codename of Vienna. The BlackBerry Virtual Expert app is right now available for the Priv but we will also be able to load it on the upcoming Android running BlackBerry devices. You can download the app here. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.