Another blow to Apple, Microsoft makes fun of siri

Microsoft get into the market targeting Apple once again, reminding what it did at the emergence of the computer with the “Mac vs. PC” ads. Now it is having a bit of fun with Siri in its new Windows Phone ads which is no doubt a Cortana vs. Siri ad.

In the ad it shows Microsoft’s digital assistant having fun at the expense of slow and dumb Siri, the digital assistant app incorporated with the new iOS8. It starts with Siri “feeling pretty, oh so pretty” while staring into a mirror, before Cortana appears with Jen Taylor’s voice to mock Apple’s robotic tone.

The software maker pitted Cortana against the Apple voice command app in July, but still the stand off continues as the two new ad lined up the both traditional competitors face to face, once again. One of the two ad is titles “Lost”, which states that Cortaina is able to automatically alert users to leave their house early in order to beat traffic, this is an advance move for which Siri still don’t seems to be working.

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The second ad is titled “Remind Me,” in which Cortana shows how it can link reminders with people, the contacts are synchronized with other apps which the Cortana has the ablity to manage and assist the user, so if you are a Cortana user than whenever someone calls, texts, or emails, it reminds you to, do a certain activity you have set on the reminders to say, be it wishing a happy belated birthday to someone, or ask about a certain place that person visited last week.

Microsoft incorporated the Cortana in two new Windows Phone ads, showing just how much more it can do on Microsoft’s new Windows Phone-powered Nokia Lumia 635 than Siri can do on the iPhone.

Apple is despite the initial craze with its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and the new iOS 8, is now facing the controversies which have made the environment more challenging. Its will presented virtual assistant app pleased many and also disappointed many others. Now with the new tough challenge by cortana it must struggle more.

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