Case for the Apple iPhone 6c appears; 4-inch model coming next quarter

A large number of smartphone market is witnessed interested into Apple’s plans for this season after the success of last years’ iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Many speculations and rumors suggested that Apple is almost done with its package. But yet nothing is confirmed thus we have to eye on the each and every info making its way to market.

Here we have some images about the same program of Apple. This will add up some more info into profile of Apple’s upcoming device. The alleged images out in the market show the case for the alleged device the iPhone 6c. Yet the case is shown off in cardboard and may carry some modifications when it goes to final phase of production.

The upcoming device of Apple is due within next three or four months the production of its alleged case is also going to start soon. According to report the iPhone 6c is expected to arrive before this November thus we expect some solid report up in next month. The expected November release is also reported to be in a smaller size than that of current iPhones.

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It has a key step when Apple finally left its device size limits last year. Current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were the flagships with increased size. These were the Apple entry into the large smartphones and the larger phablets. But reports say that Apple is also considering its old size of devices and may introduce the concept again.

By now the details that we have, show the iPhone 6c will bring 4 inches display with other key features. Like the display Apple is reported to limit the storage option on the iPhone 6c which may be restricted to 16 GB.  Apart from the reduced size the design concept doesn’t show any difference. These are yet about the case some more details can explain the device better, thus keep with us for updates.

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